Imagine being in San Juan on Monday and St. Thomas on Tuesday or in Barcelona on Wednesday and Nice on Thursday, or Cape town on Friday and Durban on Saturday.

Now imagine visiting all these places and more and only having to unpack once!

Imagine breakfast in bed, lunch on your private veranda, dinner in a fine restaurant and dancing and nightcaps under the stars.

Now imagine all this under one roof!

Imagine gambling in the casino in Monaco, or taking a tour of the ruins in Belize, or swimming with the dolphins in the Bahamas, or visit the Coliseum in Rome or snorkeling The Great Barrier Reef..

Now Imagine having all these excursions arranged for you by experts and all you need to do to become a part of these adventures is to pick up the phone in your stateroom and reserve a space for yourself.

Welcome to the World of Cruising!