Nordic and Baltic CountriesLappland

Have you ever dreamt of tobogganing in Lapland, or skiing in Norway, or snowboarding in Sweden?

Did you ever think you could mount a reindeer at Santa Claus’ village and visit Santa himself?

Does exploring the fjords of Norway hold hopes of a big adventure or witnessing the Aurora Borealis stir mystical thoughts?

Has the land of the “Midnight Sun” beckoned you to experience sun lit days 24/7?

If the answer to the questions above is yes, then the “Nordic” Countries of Europe must be your next destination.

We at Aimotravel are fortunate to have on our staff several travel consultants who at one time made the Nordic region of Europe their home and know all the wonderful hidden treasures that await you in the North of Europe.

With just a quick phone call to the office or a reply on line, we will be delighted in sharing our knowledge and arranging your journey to the land of the Vikings and beyond!


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